What Material Possession Means The Most To You?

Of all the things you own, which one can’t you live without?

Share why if you wish.

Lee’s Answer: my bicycle. It’s transportation, recreation, gym club membership, a social network, and a mediation class all in one, and it allows me to feel like I’m doing my part to reduce my carbon footprint!

Michael’s Answer: my laptop. ¬†Writing/Journaling, viewing my garden and travel photos on my amazing laptop screen, and listening to music are very therapeutic for me.

4 thoughts on “What Material Possession Means The Most To You?”

  1. I tried to think, In the event of a fire, what is so important that it would be the thing I would grab before leaving the house. The first thing to come to mind was my cat, Caesar.

  2. Books, or at least access to a library. In a lot of ways they are an escape for me, relaxation, quiet time, me time. When working in the group homes, no matter how long the day, opening a book and reading, even just 2 or 3 pages, would settle the stress in my brain enough to sleep. Not that the stress went away, but the books would give me a chance to “travel” somewhere else so that the stress was at least lessened.

    As far as emergency like the house fire, the cell phone WITH the charger. Contact to those closest to me are the most needed for me at that time.

  3. I have two thoughts. I have a bracelet that my grandfather made for my grandmother during WWII. He engraved the back of it and it is the only thing I have of theirs. It is precious to me.
    I feel like it is more a sentimental possession though than a material possession.

    The most important material possession is probably my phone. It functions as my communication device, whether that be online, texting, or voice calls. It also functions as my calendar, keeping me organized. It also functions as my camera and photo storage (both on my device and to access online photos). I would feel lost without it.

  4. My home, first and foremost. Something a lot of us take for granted, until we don’t have it. The past few years I’ve been interested in eliminating homelessness in our state. Sounds impossible, I know, but it’s done one person at a time. I’m familiar with Simpson Housing Services and Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless. Please ask your state rep. to support the Homes for All Legislative agenda now!

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