What Is One Thing You Feel The Need To Do Every Day?

Is there a task, chore, or routine that you try to do each and every day?

Share why if you wish.

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8 thoughts on “What Is One Thing You Feel The Need To Do Every Day?”

  1. I read one entry from an anthology every day. I’m currently reading “The Best Writing on Mathematics”. The anthology I most recently finished was a volume of the literary journal, McSweeney’s.

      1. I try to start my day with a devotional as well. I’m not religious, so mine is not a passage of scripture, but it does tend to be contemplative. I’m currently reading “The Daily Stoic”, with daily readings from the stoic philosophy.

  2. There are ways that I like to order the start and the end of each day. In the morning, even if I’m in a rush, I make the bed. At night, I sort into a little stack the things I need to and/or want to make a priority for the following day; whether it’s a to-do list, priority work tasks, a book I want to read, or whatever. It goes into a tidy little stack on the dresser next to the bed.

  3. Every morning if the weather is right, I either spend a little bit of time in my garden — often with a camera and/or a basket to pick produce; or I survey it from outside it’s hardware cloth fence when I’m short on time. If, however, snow is covering the ground or it’s too wet from rain, I view pictures on my laptop of gardens or produce of past years. These activities are incredibly relaxing and a great way to start any day

  4. I like to spend some time each morning with my cup of coffee in God’s presence. Lately, it’s more listening or allowing myself to rest in God’s arms. My goal is to work on our friendship, and that means spending time together. It can be as little as 10 minutes a day, but ideally, it’s praying without ceasing, i.e. making everything I do a prayer.

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