4 thoughts on “What Do You Like To Cook?”

  1. I love cooking! I cook dinner for my family at least 6 days a week and I love trying new recipes. My real passion though is baking. I love making all sorts of baked goods and I am especially fond of working with yeasted doughs. It always amazes me that four simple ingredients, and a little time, can produce a fragrant, flavorful loaf of bread

  2. First, when tomatoes were quite prolific in my garden this year, I liked to dice them up, make a red sauce, and then add some peanut butter. As I have a relatively simple diet, I would just add the sauce to some steamed spinach. By the way, if you’ve never mixed cooked tomatoes with peanut butter, you really are missing something quite tasty.

    Second, in the cooler/colder months, I like to make my own garam masala (an Indian spice mix), add some cream and spinach, then use the sauce to top some brown rice.

  3. I’ve become quite good at a Chicken Chili dish. No particular recipe, just a lot of beans and tomatoes with a blend of spices that taste good that day and I think it’s worth the effort.
    Every one who has tried it likes it.

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