Celebrity Or Anonymity?

People often dream about being famous, but celebrities tend to lose their privacy. Would you prefer celebrity or anonymity?

Share why if you wish.

Celebrity Or Anonymity?

1 thought on “Celebrity Or Anonymity?”

  1. As a very strong introvert, you’d think I’d choose anonymity. But the justice causes I hope to impact are too important for me to do so. So celebrity it is.

    Now, as for what sort of celebrity I’d choose if I had to, I have a strange choice. I don’t want to be a professional singer, actor, or athlete — too much time wasted on another craft while I’d hope to simply play a significant part of creating the social change I yearn for. And, nope, I don’t want to be a celebrity politician. There are a myriad of reasons for this, even though I am seeking change through the political process.

    So, here’s my hope: Can I be celebrity of funky political tactics? I’m a pretty creative guy. I have a knack for props and visuals to make a point, draw people in, and get them to take action. In high school I was a cheerleader, and I still consider myself one of a different sort, so I know how to rev people up. And I think I’m also pretty good at making people feel powerful, like they are making a difference.

    So I choose celebrity, a celebrity of funky political tactics.

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