4 thoughts on “Who Are Your Most Interesting Friends?”

  1. No naming friends here. What a way to lose friends! Let me just say that I like to surround myself by people who care snd show respect for one another, who are intellectually curious, adventurous (not necessarily in an “out-doorsy” way), and fun.

  2. Actually, I want to nominate Lee as the most interesting man in the world. Why Lee? Just to share a few of the reasons:

    – I’ve see him parallel-park a train
    – I once witnessed him slam a revolving door
    – I hear he actually found the Fountain of Youth but didn’t drink from it because “he wasn’t thirsty”
    – His small talk can be so engaging I’ve seen it change foreign policy
    – In fact, he is so at ease in any setting that he once decided to experience an awkward moment just to know how it felt

    That is why Lee is the most interesting man in the world!

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