What Are Your Summer Plans?

For many of us, summer is a very active time. This year, however, many of our normal activities have been canceled. So what are your summer plans, when your normal plans can’t happen?

Travel is one of the most common activities of the warmer months. Perhaps you like to vacation in exotic destinations. Or maybe you want to visit family that lives far away. But travel, no matter by method, is severely restricted.

Other summer activities are social by nature. Going to a friend’s cookout, attending a baseball game, or watching the fireworks displays are all typical things that will be drastically curtailed this year, if they happen at all.

Or perhaps nature is your thing. But National Parks are closed. And trails that are not are busy, so physical distancing is a challenge. Campsites and resorts are closed as well.

What if you want to get away? Is it safe to visit a hotel or a B&B? What kinds of cleaning and disinfecting is happening, and is it sufficient to stop the spread of the virus? Uncertainty abounds.

So we all need to be creative with activities for the summer months. Are there any plans of yours that have survived? What kinds of new activities will you do? What are your summer plans?

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