4 thoughts on “What Advice Would You Give Your Pre-Lockdown Self?”

  1. I think I would tell myself the importance of develping a routine, and of keeping to a schedule. It’s really easy for time to lose all relation when you are home all the time.

    The other thing, I think, would be to keep a diary, or at least a time-table, so it would be easier to look back and know that such-and-such thing happened on such-and-such date. Again, the odd nature of passing time made it harder to keep track of the order of events.

  2. 1. Purchase a laptop desk to attach to my treadmill.
    2. Don’t count on travel to be a source of enjoyment this year.
    3. Purchase the books I want to read this year if I don’t already own them — from an independent bookseller, of course.
    4. Purchase a little extra toilet paper; but don’t worry about hoarding it.

  3. I would tell myself this is going to last longer than I thought, so make good use of the extra time.
    Make sure to thank God every day for my health and that of my family. Pray for the sick and the dying. My younger brother died suddenly a few weeks ago, but not from the virus. I was fortunate to spend some time with him before he passed. This virus has once again brought home to me how precious our health is and how fortunate I’ve been to date.

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