Mind Or Body?

No doubt, you use both. But do you prefer your mind or your body? Is one of them more useful than the other in our modern world?

Share why if you wish.

Mind Or Body?

2 thoughts on “Mind Or Body?”

  1. In many ways, this is a false choice. You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mind, and similarly a healthy mind depends on a healthy body. The brain, after all, is part of the body, so it is kind of a meaningless distinction.

    However, it is true that they *seem* different. Doing a purely academic, or abstract, act like reading or thinking, seems entirely different from something physical like going for a run or working in the yard. And each one has its own distinct pleasure and reward.

    Ultimately, while I enjoy going for a bike ride and working up a sweat, I live in a largely cerebral world. So I’d go with mind. But it is a difficult choice, to be sure.

  2. I’m a very introspective guy. I think about everything I do, and evaluate the week, month, and year that was. I also love reading and writing. So my vote definitely goes with the mind.

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