4 thoughts on “What Are You Known For?”

  1. Among different groups, I’m known for different things. Alternately, I’m known as:

    * The comic book guy

    I’ve been reading comic books since I was five, and I have amassed a sizeable collection over the years. I still read them today.

    * The bike guy

    I’ve never had a car, and get around entirely by bicycle, including commuting to work. Several years ago, I rode my bicycle unaccompanied across the U.S. Hence, I’ve gotten a reputation as the bike guy, among some people.

    * The book guy

    My wife Marsha and I are voracious readers, and we each own several thousand books. There are bookcases stuffed full in just about every room in our house. I certainly own lots of books that I will never have time to get around to reading, but that doesn’t stop me from getting more!

    * The question guy

    That’s obvious, right?

  2. I am known for closing my work emails with the phrase, “Do justice and stay snazzy!” In fact, I’m also simply known for my copious use of the word “snazzy.”

    I am known for talking about heirloom gardening incessantly.

    I am known for my passion for ending homelessness. It can be done and will be cheaper than letting it go on.

    I’m known for not hiding the fact that I suffer from regular interactions with Anxiety and much-less-frequent Depression.

    I am known by some for being a reverent atheist.

  3. I’m known as an avid gardener, a good cook and a home economist.
    I’m known for being modest, sensitive and generous.
    I’m known for enjoying a good debate.
    I’m known for my love of history and learning new things.

  4. I think my run on sentences. Written. Spoken. Are pretty well expected of me by now.

    Also trying to make the world better for those of us who struggle. Make it safer. Make it inclusive. Let life be more than we imagined. Make safe spaces.

    Third = sarcasm.

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