2 thoughts on “What Is Your Favorite Scar?”

  1. “Favorite” is an odd word choice. But certainly my most *unusual* scar is the one on my skull, behind my right ear. In my 20s, I had an acoustic neuroma — a tumor on my acoustic nerve — removed.

    It involved chiseling a hole in my skull, and rather delicate surgery to remove the tumor why not damaging the nearby brain. Quite harrowing, but I made it through, eventually, with only minor lasting consequences.

  2. When I was a young pup, I slipped and fell, hitting my head on the leg of a wooden chair. I had to get several stitches just below and back through my hairline. About a week later, I was horsing around with one of my cousins. Somehow my head was hit hard enough to re-open the wound. Back to the hospital for more stitches.

    Well, since I’ve taken to buzzing my hair off each week, the scar is in plain sight. Early on, when people weren’t yet used to a Michael with no hair, a fellow advocate said, “That scar makes me think: Don’t mess with, Michael! He’s a tough one.” That made me happy and make it my favorite scar.”

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