Children Or Adults?

Do you prefer the wide-eyed innocence of children? Or maybe the complexity of an adult? Which would you rather spend time with?

Share why if you wish.

Children Or Adults?

5 thoughts on “Children Or Adults?”

  1. I feel like a child myself. My personal inner-age, I’ve often said, is about five years old. I much prefer the company of a child to that of an adult, and my social awkwardness at parties and other gatherings shows it.

    1. Perhaps because adults have learned to be good at reading facial expressions and therefore know how you are feeling. I’m sorry you feel awkward at parties. You don’t need to be the center of attention to have a good time. Be happy for others and don’t be rude or have negative thoughts.

  2. I love my own children, even when they were very young… but I’d much rather spend time with those who can talk, and express their thoughts reasonably well. That leaves out kids up to about the age of 8.

    Even as a kid, I really didn’t like other kids, for the most part. Sure, I wanted to be friends with my own cohort, but few of them were mature enough that I actually wanted to spend time with them. Probably the reason I had so few friends.

    In my family, it’s all about the intellect. My mother had no interest in young children either (and she was a Professor of Child Psychology!).

  3. I adore children. Especially the littler ones. They are innocent, curious and vulnerable and I have a very strong instinct to care for them.

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