9 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Board Game?”

  1. I’ve always been partial to card games due to their portability. However, I’ve certainly played my fair share of board games over the years, from Chutes and Ladders and Candyland as a child, to the Game of Life and Monopoly when I got older.

    As for my favorite, I continue to like the game of Sorry! or the similar board game Trouble. These games are low on strategy, but high in fun. I can imagine that I might get tired of them if I played them too often, but as it is, I enjoy them whenever I play.

  2. Not a board game per se, since there’s no board, but I’ve always been partial to Rummikub. I played a lot of Trivial Pursuit as a kid.

  3. I’ve loved Trivial Pursuit since it first came out. I not only enjoy thinking about so many varied topics, but I find that I always learn a little something (or many somethings) by the end of the game. I loved it so much, as I stepped into the role of Executive Director for senior living communities, I hosted a weekly team-based Trivial Pursuit game for my residents. I always encouraged staff members to get involved by sharing the things they love with our residents. Trivia was my thing.

  4. Cranium. I wouldn’t call myself a fantastic singer, but I love to sing. So the Humdinger category in Cranium has always been a favorite.

    1. The artist Lynda Barry teaches a class in drawing at the University of Wisconsin, and the students vary quite widely in their experience and skill in drawing. She encourages all of her students, no matter what level, to express themselves through art. She finds that even if a drawing is crude and not at all realistic, it will often have an energy and emotion that a polished drawing might lack.

      There is something, she says, about channeling what it was like when we were young and did something just for the joy of doing it, before the notion of “good” or “bad” entered our consideration.

      It sounds to me that singing is like that for you. That’s excellent. I try to incorporate that ideal in my life all the time (with mixed success).

  5. I love the game called Dixit. It’s played in a similar fashion to Apples to Apples (or Cards Against Humanity) but has fantastical illustrated images rather than words on the cards, and players use story and association to cue others to their card. It’s beautiful and hilarious.

    Scrabble is also wonderful.

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