Logic Or Emotion?

We all use both logic and emotion in our lives every single day. In your opinion, is one more preferable to the other?

Share why if you wish.

Logic Or Emotion?

2 thoughts on “Logic Or Emotion?”

  1. This is such a loaded question.

    Clearly, if you’re dealing with another person’s emotions, logic is right out. They don’t want to hear your logic. (Unless they ask for it.)

    But if you’re making a decision involving other people, you have to do both: Logically, does this decision make sense; will it make the most people happy and better off? And emotionally, does this decision feel right/good?

    When I’m trying to decide something for myself, I try to go with logic, with the understanding that emotions undermine logic at every turn, whether we are conscious of it or not. Snack time: I should eat a small healthy snack, but I crave chocolate. Usually I eat healthy, but often I’ll have too much, or will still add some chocolate at the end. That’s because future/imaginary you makes the logical choice, but present/emotional you puts the food in your mouth.

    So, most situations call for both, for example planning where to go on vacation (an emotional event):
    Logic: Can I afford it? Is it a safe place? Does getting there take too long?
    Emotion: What’s fun to do there? Will the experience enrich my life story? Will bragging about it afterward be impressive? (Not something I consider, but a possible emotional factor in the calculation for some people, I think.) [Hah: think/calculation… all those logical words. You can guess my leanings right there!]

    You really shouldn’t leave logic completely out of any decision.

  2. I’ve heard that logic is from the head and emotion is from the heart, and you need to consider both when making decisions, especially involving other people.

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