Glasses Or Contacts?

If you need your vision corrected, do you prefer to use glasses or contacts to do the job?

Share why if you wish.

Glasses Or Contacts?

4 thoughts on “Glasses Or Contacts?”

  1. I couldn’t get comfortable with something floating on my eyes during high school. In college, I switched back to glasses and never looked back. (I made a funny there.)

  2. I wish I had a choice. Glasses are a pain, and prescription sunglasses are expensive, and then there’s my computer glasses. So I’m constantly carrying two and wearing one and switching back and forth depending on the situation I’m in. And I’m not even allowed to try contacts due to the risks involved (having vision only in one eye).

  3. I’m very lucky that I’ve never needed vision correction. I don’t imagine glasses or contacts are ideal, although of course either one is better than not being able to see very well.

    I once read that glasses (and, although not explicitly mentioned, contacts as well) were described as hardware improvements for the human body. It’s remarkable how billions of people around the world (an estimated 4 billion!) have their quality of life improved dramatically by such a (relatively) simple device.

  4. Glasses, although it’s helpful that I don’t need to wear them all the time. (Driving, biking, movies, yes; work and reading, no.) I really don’t like the idea of putting things in my eyes.

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