3 thoughts on “Do You Keep A Journal?”

  1. I’ve flirted with keeping a journal over the years, but I’ve never done it consistently. I do find that writing about events in my life, particularly ones that I find troublesome or upsetting, can be very helpful in processing those feelings.

  2. Yes. In fact, depending on the season and how I am feeling, one could argue that I have four journals. This is a problem. In addition to keeping a regular journal about what I do each day, I’ve frequently been a blogger. While I’ve taken the sites down (temporarily?), I’ve kept a mental health journal called Prone to Hope and an heirloom vegetable gardening and food justice blog called Dissident Potato. Right now, I am putting a lot of thought into whether blogging is part of my future. So, in the meantime, I have started posting my new entries directly in my daily journal. Sometimes, I also share the posts on Facebook. What to do with the six years of mental health posts currently and solely on Prone to Hope? That’s demanding a lot of thought and time right now. Lastly, I also jot down quick ideas in my daily planner. I’m doing my best to consolidate what’s helpful in those “posts” and transfer them into my daily journal.

  3. I keep a garden journal where I record when and what seeds I plant, how long they take to germinate, harvest totals and notes on plant traits.

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