Audio Book Or Book Book?

Do you listen to audio books? Or do you prefer to have the physical book in your hand, reading every word?

Share why if you wish.

Audio Book Or Book Book?

4 thoughts on “Audio Book Or Book Book?”

  1. I love the feel of a well-constructed book. I also love the look of treasured books on a bookshelf.

    Book book for me.

  2. I don’t multitask well, so listening to a book while doing something else — housework, or gardening, or whatever — would mean I either miss most of what I’m listening to, or do a crummy job on whatever else it is I’m trying to do.

    As such, there’s not really much advantage to an audio book over a physical book. And if I’m going to spend my undivided attention either way, the actual act of reading and turning pages (and going at my own pace) is preferable to me.

  3. Audio books are okay for long drives, but I don’t commute any more.
    Book-books are therefore always better for me. First I read much faster than speaking speed. Second, I imagine my own narrator and everything else. It all envelops me so much more deeply.

  4. Book book, at the risk of sounding like a chicken. I process printed information better than audio, and I read faster than a narrator can talk.

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