2 thoughts on “What Drugs Do You Use?”

  1. Without getting into too much detail, I take drugs for my Depression, Anxiety, high blood pressure, and love of coffee. As all food and food-like substances are also drugs, I take more than I can articulate.

  2. I don’t drink coffee or tea, or any other caffeinated beverage (like carbonated sodas). I’ve never tried marijuana (even though recreational use is legal where I live). Ditto any illegal drug. So I guess that for me, it is only alcohol that I indulge in regularly.

    And while I’ve certainly been given some drugs while recovering in the hospital, or occasionally been prescribed a round of antibiotics or something (oh, and I’ve gotten Novocaine shots when I need some dental work done), I’m not currently on anything for medicinal reasons.

    Overall, my drug use has been pretty minimal.

    Interestingly enough, it seems that what drugs I have taken have not had as much an impact on me as in most people that I see. Part of the reason I never became a coffee drinker is that caffeine doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on me. It takes more alcohol to get me drunk than some others. I have needed higher doses of pain suppressants post-surgery do dull whatever pain I feel (which the nurses are always hesitant to give me, for obvious reasons). And so on.

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