Exercise: Indoor Or Outdoor?

When you work out, do you like to do so outside, in the elements? Or do you prefer to exercise inside, like going to the gym or running on a treadmill?

Share why if you wish.

Exercise: Indoor Or Outdoor?

3 thoughts on “Exercise: Indoor Or Outdoor?”

  1. I used to run quite a bit (I ran a marathon back in 2001), and running outside is always better than running on a treadmill. The treadmill is nice in allowing you to keep a constant speed and ideal weather conditions, but it is not very interesting or mentally engaging.

    And, of course, I did a cross-country bike ride. Yeah, I’d say I’m pretty firmly in the “outdoor” camp.

  2. While for most of my adult life, I’ve exercised outdoors — a lot of general distance running as well as training for marathons — a couple of months ago, I joined a gym again. (Yup, I’m masked up. Just in case you’re wondering.)

  3. Outdoor all the way. Biking when it’s above 50 degrees or so—but I can’t stand stationary bikes. Outside biking season I geocache when I can, or walk when it’s too cold, dark or snowy for anything else. Yes, even in 20 below. I hate gyms.

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