Are You Aging Well?

If there is one thing that is certain in life, it is that aging happens. You are going to age. But are you aging well?

We all age, every day, for years on end. This is true despite socioeconomic background, race, age, political party, or language spoken. We all get older, inexorably, a second at a time.

Given that simple fact, it is reasonable to evaluate that aging process. We all do it, but it is true that some people are going to do it better than others.

But what does “better” even mean, in this context? What does it mean to “age well”?

For some, it might mean doing everything you can to life a long life.After all, if aging means “getting old”, why not do everything possible to stay young for as long as possible? Eat healthy food, stay physically fit, don’t take any unnecessary risks, and in general do what you can to live as long as you can.

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For others, it might mean taking advantage of every moment, even if that means the total time is reduced. Seize the day! What is life if it is not experienced fully? Taking risks can lead to thrilling, exciting moments of feeling truly alive.

Another definition might be having the greatest impact. If you spread you love, kindness, and generosity to as many people as possible, you will be remembered fondly by a large population. If people are happy you existed because of the way you improved their life, isn’t that “living well”?

Ultimately, the definition is yours alone. You decide what it means to live well, and you also get to evaluate if you manage to meet your own definition.

It also can be done at any age. Teenagers can decide if they are becoming a good (or useful) person. Middle-aged people can determine if they are better than they were years ago. Someone in their twilight years can decide if their body is holding up to the passage of time.

However you decide to define it, are you aging well? What criteria are you using?

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2 thoughts on “Are You Aging Well?”

  1. First, maintaining physical health and mental health as long as I can, making the inevitable changes as slow and manageable as much as I can without giving up all pleasures. Second, having a positive attitude amid daily life and towards others. Third, continuing to learn things and broadening my horizons. Lastly, facing death bravely and calmly.

  2. I feel I am aging well, in several different interpretations of that phrase.

    My body seems to be in good shape in general. While I can definitely feel the effects of aging (for example, I get little nagging injuries more frequently, and it takes longer for them to heal), I have yet to experience any rapid deterioration of physical performance. We’ll see how long that continues.

    I also think I am a better person that I was ten, twenty, or thirty years ago. I am more open-minded, more thoughtful, more compassionate, and think I have a better understanding of how the world works. Conventional wisdom has it that younger people tend to be more idealistic, while cynicism tends to increase with age. I have not found that to be the case with me. At least, not so far.

    Of course, I’m far from perfect, and my life would most definitely benefit from some devoted time and effort to improving some of my more significant flaws. Naturally, that statement is true of everyone at all times.

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