1 thought on “What Was Your Best Day?”

  1. There are a number of contenders for this honor.

    Many of them, of course, are significant days in my life. For example, my wedding day was awesome, and certainly deserves consideration. My graduation day from high school, and then again my graduation day from college were both highlights, as I received academic honors and delivered a speech to a crowd of people.

    But I think instead, I’ll go in a different direction, and choose one of the days I was on my cross-country bike trip. I could pick a standout day, like highest daily mileage, or the day with the biggest climb and descent over the Teton Pass in Wyoming, or a particularly challenging day that I managed to survive after a struggle.

    But instead, I’ll just choose a relatively uneventful day, early in the trip. I was doing something I love — biking — and this trip was the culmination of a dream, and followed months of planning and training, and it was finally happening.

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