What Makes A Place Beautiful?

When evaluating a location, everything from an entire city to a single backyard, different people use different criteria. In your mind, what makes a place beautiful?

There are many ways of assessing beauty. As the saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Specifically when it comes to a location, there are many ways of appreciating a space.

The classic understanding of beauty, that is, aesthetically pleasing, comes to mind. But even then, “aesthetically pleasing” might vary from individual to individual. Is a neatly trimmed lawn beautiful? How about an unusual building?

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A person might find utility beautiful. A space that is perfectly engineered to match its function could be considered appealing.

Alternately, you might find that the closer a place is to its natural state is the most appealing. Thriving plants and animals, along with fresh air and sunshine, might be most beautiful to some.

A different way of looking at beauty might be in how welcoming a place happens to be. You may find a place more attractive if you feel more at home or at ease when you are there.

In your mind, what makes a place beautiful? How do you make the places where you spend time to be more appealing?

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  1. Harmony with nature and its sustainability are often very beautiful. Development without achieving this should be suspect. For places already developed and out of sync with nature, measures should be taken to best return some balance.

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