How Are We Doing?

Intellectual Roundtable has been in operation for nearly a year and a half. In that time, we have posted nearly a hundred questions, on topics that range from introspective to worldly, from serious to silly. You can see a full list of all the questions ever posted at our Past Questions page.

During this time, we have had ups and downs. Some questions have received more interest than others. Some weeks and months have seen more activity, others less. The question we often ask ourselves is: why?

As the end of the summer approaches, as people are finishing up their vacations and preparing to go back to school or back to work, we thought we would ask for some feedback.

How are we doing?

Do some questions resonate with you? Do they make you think? When you are in a social situation, do you ever ask some of the questions of other people? Feel free to share any stories of conversations you may have had at a party or other gathering.

If you do not respond to questions, why not? What are the obstacles to sharing your opinion? Posting is completely anonymous, should you wish.

Should there be more frequent questions? Less frequent?

One of the goals that Michael and I have for the blog is to encourage interaction between commenters. Have you ever responded to someone else’s comment? Would you do that?

If you find you like a particular question, have you ever shared it on social media? What do you think would get you to share one with your friends? Sharing on social media is the way that a blog like this attracts new readers and grows an audience.

What do you think about the look of the website, or about the navigation in place? What about the appearance of questions on Facebook?

Finally, for those who aren’t interested in providing feedback, there is an alternate interpretation of the question. As a species, how are we doing? Is there hope in our growing understanding of the world, or does our shortsightedness doom us?

Related questions: How can you help? How have we changed?

4 thoughts on “How Are We Doing?”

  1. I love the Roundtable!
    The questions give me a great deal to think about. When I answer the question, it is always with a great deal of thought and consideration.
    When I share a story about a question it usually sparks a true conversation about something that is different from what we regularly talk about.
    Sometimes the answer others give are a bit intimidating, and my my own answer seems trivial, so I give none.
    It would be disappointing to not have the Roundtable as part of my Sunday.
    I wish other followers would take the time to write an answer to the question of the day or even a past question they’ve muddled around in their minds.
    Dave said he would intellectually starve without the Roundtable.
    I have to agree.

  2. I too love this blog, but now that I’m retired, I’m often too busy to respond. (Just kidding).

    Some time ago I suggested a name change – the word “Intellectual” seems a little pretentious or elitist and may turn off some potential contributors. Let’s try and think of a snazzier, more compelling name. I don’t have a suggestion yet, but some creative person out there probably has the perfect name.

    In the meantime, thanks again, Michael and Lee for creating this.

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