2 thoughts on “What Arrangements Do You Want When You Die?”

  1. yes, I have arrangements made. burial plot has been purchased, cremation directly to cemetery plot with funeral home has been “prepaid” into a trust. I did pad it a little because i know prices will go up. No fancy flowers or service. The funeral home puts obit online thru their site. I only need to get the headstone, if i decide on one. I had thought of going ecofriendly and getting one of those plant a tree/wildflower urns, but being single right now, I wasn’t sure who would take the urn and I didn’t want to leave that decision to anyone.

  2. I plan on cremation and because I don’t want there to be a grave or Columbarium where my loved ones may go to mourn, I’ve chosen to have my ashes scattered near Reflection Lakes on Mt Rainier. It is beautiful and serene, and, based on my belief in the Resurrection to a paradise earth, remembering me there would be comforting to my loved ones.

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