How Do You Strengthen A Connection With Someone?

If there is someone you would like to bond with, how do you make that happen? What are the hallmarks of a deep and powerful connection?

Human beings are social creatures. As individuals, we crave connection with other humans, or even with other species.

As part of our social lives, we create and maintain relationships with dozens, or even hundreds of people. That might include, but is not limited to: family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and pets.

Creating a connection is pretty easy. At a social function, you might strike up a conversation, share a laugh or two, and exchange names.

Strengthening that relationship, however, is a different matter. All relationships need work in order to thrive. The type of work might depend on the person you are dealing with, and the nature of the existing relationship. Getting to know someone you met at a party, for example, will be quite different from the way you build a bond with a sibling.

However, a connection is a connection. Can you think of some ways you can feel closer to someone that you just met, or someone you have fallen out of touch with?

One way to think about it might be to consider what someone else might do to make you feel a close connection. Once you can think of something, doing that thing for others may help. That might be anything form a random text message, to inviting someone over for a homemade meal. Or, perhaps, asking someone to a movie or a play, or playing a board or card game with a group of people.

Each relationship is different, but there may be some commonalities. Can you think of ways to strengthen a connection with someone?

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1 thought on “How Do You Strengthen A Connection With Someone?”

  1. Building a connection, building a relationship with someone takes time. For most, that means face-to-face time doing things together and having frequent or deep conversations. However, some people develop their connection through letters and emails back and forth with one another.

    Two other keys help build a relationship. First, developing a shared history and language (or way of talking about things) feels essential. Connections–if this makes sense– form a cadence, a unique way of interacting with each other about the past, present, and future. The second key to building a connection is sharing enough interests as well as a good enough batch of things that are not in common to make conversing with one another fun or deep. You need common experiences as well as times to listen, ask questions, or help the other person problem-solve (i.e., interests you don’t have to share but are there simply to help the other person process issues).

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