7 thoughts on “Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life?”

  1. The most important person in my life is my wife, Rebecca. I love her, and she loves me right back. I think the best way to answer this question is to post my vows to Rebecca at our wedding, as it still captures our love and reliance on each other:


    I get to spend the rest of my life as your boyfriend. Nothing could make me happier or more secure with whatever the future brings. I am so in love with you.

    My life changed when our profiles crossed almost two years ago. We each had an idea of what we could be in an ‘Us.’ So we put our best selves out there for someone else to find. We didn’t gloss over our real selves. We both were clear about who we were and who we wanted to be. We were deeply honest and deeply hopeful, confident our other half was out there hoping for the same thing.

    And then you wrote me. That was the most important point in my life.

    We soon recognized the other was ‘the One.’ Since then, my love has only grown.

    I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you …
    to looking into your eyes and seeing your beautiful smile
    to holding your hand
    to waking up next to you each day
    to dancing in the grocery aisle to any song that moves us
    to flirtatiously singing the words to our favorite theme songs.

    Thank you for loving who I am. Thank you for loving me at my lowest of lows and for making my highs so frequently possible. I am so lucky.

    Rebecca, I love you. I love how the true you is always the you that you let others see. I love your discipline, how you always move forward with intent. I love your playful ways and how you love the playful me too. I love the deep importance you assign to home … the place you can always be with me.

    I love that the patterns we’ve each nestled into our lives compliment our life together. I love how when either one of us make the other sad, we immediately want to correct the wrong – never letting baggage clutter our love, always supporting the other when things get in our way. When we can’t see the end of the tunnel, the other leads us there.

    Rebecca, I promise to do all I can to make you happy, to be there for you when you are sad, and to always enjoy just being in your company.

    Thank you for letting me be your love.

  2. Definitely my husband Rogier. When it comes to relying on him, there have been times I had to rely on him more than others. Especially during my burn out and my depression and anxiety and he is always there for me, if not in person than in spirit. Rogier is the most fun, loving, caring, sweetest man on the world. Sorry ladies, the best husband in the world is already taken!

  3. My husband, Jason. He is my rock. He keeps me steady when I start to fall apart. He tells me I’m cute when I’m mad. He says I’m beautiful when I think I look terrible. He makes me laugh until I cry.
    We share the same dry sense of humor, yet, we are quite opposite from each other in what we like, which makes things work so well.
    In the film “Two Weeks Notice” there is a scene where Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are at a restaurant. They are each taking what they like from each others plates and cups, and Sandra eats the crust from the bread and gives the center to Hugh. That is completely us! I’m the crust and he’s the filling, together we make the perfect pie! Lol!
    This month we will celebrate our 20th anniversary. This year we will have spent more than half of our lives together. I hope that this anniversary marks only a quarter of the time we will have together.

  4. Of course it’s Dave. We have been together forever! (39 Years.)
    The last few months without him have been indescribably weird! I have never been so lonely, lost, and displaced.
    I don’t know who I am without him. But then, just as I started to figure it out, he came home after four long months.
    I’ve never lived alone before.
    I find myself in a very different place without my other half.
    I’m glad to have him back!

  5. Well this is not easy for me. It’s a tie between God and my wife. After all, I believe He/She arranged our meeting, despite growing up 6,000 miles apart; she in Bolivia, me in South Dakota. Amazing!

  6. The most important person in my life is myself. I wouldn’t have said this a year ago, but now I realize it has to be so. If I am not taking care of myself, I can’t be at my best in my relationships with the people who are most important to me – my husband, mother, father, my close friends. Everything I perceive comes to me through the lens of self. When I let the lens become distorted by stress, worry, etc., that can both pull me off course and spill over on to those around me.

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