Nature Or Nurture?

When it comes to development, does nature or nurture play a bigger role? Is the answer different for different people?

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Nature Or Nurture?

3 thoughts on “Nature Or Nurture?”

  1. I believe that nurture plays the biggest role in childhood development whereas an individual’s nature effects how they perceive themselves as a result of the way they were raised

  2. I’m reading the book “This Idea Must Die.” There’s a short essay opted titled “Nature Versus Nurture” by Timo Hannay. It includes the following, which I consider a great answer to this question:

    “Donald Hebb, the brilliant Canadian neuropsychologist, when asked whether nature or nurture contributed more to human personality, reportedly said, “Which contributes more to the area of a rectangle, its length or its width?”

    1. I’m reading another volume of that same series of books from the website, “This Will Make You Smarter”. In it, evolutionary biologist W. Tecumseh Fitch writes about this topic, stressing that nature and nurture are not in opposition to each other, despite what our beliefs would suggest. Instead, they are complementary.

      To make this difference in thinking clear, he suggests that rather than using the terms “nature” or “nurture”, instead we use the phrase “instinct for learning”, which combines the two ideas into one.

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