3 thoughts on “Who Is Your MVP For The Year?”

  1. My MVP is a man who was my boyfriend for about a hot minute when I was 17 in 1985. We lost touch after our teen years, but recently reconnected through Facebook at a very pivotal juncture in my life. I had received a devastating medical diagnosis just days prior to speaking with him for the 1st time in over 30 years. I didn’t say much about this diagnosis to people in my immediate circle, before some reason it was so easy to spill everything to Sean. He quickly became my go-to source – to vent to, to laugh with, to emulate when it came to forgiveness, acceptance, just goodness in general. The Universe crossed our paths again for a reason and I am so grateful. If it hadn’t been for Sean I could have easily slipped deeper into depression that I’ve battled my entire adult life … and this makes him hands down my MVP.

  2. I believe climate change is humanity’s defining issue right now. Not only is it impacting everything from agriculture to the spread of diseases to national defense, it threatens our very existence.

    Therefore, for me, anyone who played a role in addressing or educating others on the topic deserves a medal. I don’t know who hits the MVP mark. I was going to submit that everyone in cross agency team who helped write the “Fourth National Climate Assessment” (https://nca2018.globalchange.gov/chapter/1/) deserved the MVP marker. But truthfully, I don’t know who the movers and the shakers are in either in government or on the advocacy stage. Nor do I know who’s making the biggest difference.

    Any suggestions for who I should listen to as the best thought leaders or activists and advocates? Perhaps they will be my MVP in 2019.

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