4 thoughts on “What Do You Like About Travel?”

  1. Two things, primarily:

    1. Travel allows me to visit friends. Rebecca or I know people in multiple places, both in the U.S. and abroad. For example, Boston, Seattle, Washington D.C., Portland (Maine), Luxembourg City, southern France, and Belgium are some of the several places we’ve gone to see friends at or near their homes.

    2. Travel opens up my mind to think expansive new thoughts or more appropriately about my small place in the world. Whether it’s through visiting a lavender or goat farm in Hawaii; soaking in a truly large city and its unique gifts (e.g. San Francisco and its diverse neighborhoods, Vancouver’s bustling downtown with nature incredibly nearby, Paris and its many, many cathedrals); a place with a different terrain, like Maui’s Haleakalā Crater making you feel like you’re on a different planet; or a town/city with a layout I’ve never experienced before (e.g. so many of the towns in southern France, with their pedestrian-friendly areas … special shout outs to Nice and Strasbourg, France ). I feel I should give thanks for each and every place I’ve traveled; and, I can’t wait for the traveling I’ve yet to do.

  2. I have traveled far and wide and loved every adventure, almost. Had a scary time in Brazil when attending a conference, was a high police state and very racist. Fell in love with so many people and cultures, made friends that I still have. Favorite places: Ireland, Turkey, (Istanbul is incredible) St. Petersburg, Russia, the architecture was stunning, Rome, again architecture and food! Romania for the beloved people, and so much more. Lived in England for 2 short stints, fell in love in Prague and lived in Berlin for a few years, wonderful city! and NYC for over 30 years and love/miss it. Now, old bones are weary and travel is hard. But all of these experiences has definitely made me a much more well rounded and better person!

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