3 thoughts on “What Are You Passionate About?”

  1. There are so many things I am passionate about. Here are just four:

    1) heirloom gardening
    2) advocacy toward housing justice
    3) speaking up to end the discrimination of and biases against mental illnesses
    4) taking photos — especially while traveling and of my heirloom garden

    1. As you said, there are many for you. I would add two, based on my experience with you:
      5) Communicating with, and encouraging, people
      6) Music

  2. Like Michael, I’m passionate about several things.

    * Asking questions (duh!)

    Even before starting Intellectual Roundtable, I found myself constantly asking other people questions: at parties, in conversations, on Facebook. I’ve never understood those people who only talk about themselves.

    By the way, here’s a conversation trick I have learned: if you are in a conversation that seems very stilted or uncomfortable, find out what that person is passionate about, and then talk about that (and compare it to your passions, so they also learn something about you). It’ll flow much more easily.

    * Reading

    At an early age, I started to read — and I’ve never stopped. I generally read about a book a week. And I don’t really discriminate by content: I read comic books, kids books, mysteries, science fiction, math & science, history, biography and memoir, mysteries, you name it. I currently own more books than I’ll be able to read in my lifetime, which I know is kinda silly, but it just makes me hope for some life-extension technology so I can get to more books.

    * Biking

    I’ve never owned a car, and never had a driver’s license (full disclosure: my wife has both). I bike everywhere, for transportation, exercise, and recreation. Five years ago I biked across the entire United States, traveling over 3,700 miles (6,000 km) in less than 10 weeks. It was an amazing trip.

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