3 thoughts on “What Do You Expect To Do When You Retire?”

  1. I have built up several good patterns, habits, and other fun or important efforts that I simply think my current personal life passions will continue. I’ll just be able to devote more time to each. Spend more time with Rebecca? Absolutely! Learn more about heirloom gardening? Yup. Exercise more? Darn tootin. Proselytizing about and being active in housing justice and mental health issues? Without a doubt. Read more? Was there ever any question? Travel? I’ll devote about the same amount of time being out and about but put more time into personal research in advance.

    I am glad that I love the things I do now and want to continue them when I have more time.

  2. More reading, try to get back to writing, definitely travel – road trips in the US, less-often trips abroad… and I’d like to volunteer, perhaps at a library, for tutoring folks in English and perhaps computer skills. Would also like to find an outlet for my love of cooking.

  3. Honestly, not a lot different from what I am doing now. I would hope for some more free time (I feel overextended occasionally) but I’m not doing anything that I couldn’t do well after my retirement years.

    For the record, I work in a bookstore, I do some stuff for the website I helped start over 20 years ago, U.S. College Hockey Online, and I do my weekly work for Intellectual Roundtable. And I read a lot.

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