Empathy Or Compassion?

Of course, both empathy and compassion are possible, and both are important. The question here is: is one more important than the other?

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Empathy Or Compassion?

4 thoughts on “Empathy Or Compassion?”

  1. This is a difficult choice. The two often go hand-in-hand, with empathy preceding compassion.

    However, of the two, I think compassion is more important. It’s one thing to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and try to understand what their life — and struggles — may be like.

    But it is more important to want to ease the suffering of others, even if you don’t understand them or agree with them.

  2. Empathy, like sympathy, is a feeling. It may lead to action, but it is not an action and doesn’t change anything. I see compassion as a trigger for action to alleviate whatever is wrong that you’re feeling. But I don’t know if that’s built in to the definition. It’s just the way I see it. Actions should help others more than just saying “I feel that”

  3. Empathy may enable you to identify with another person’s situation, but compassion is what motivates you to help that person. In my opinion, compassion is more important than empathy.

  4. Empathy engages both the heart and the brain. Compassion may be more emotional. That’s why I believe empathy is generally better.

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