Are Routines Boring?

By their very nature, routines tend to repeat the same things over and over, usually without much variation. Does that make them boring?

We all develop routines in our lives. This is because they can be useful to us in a number of different ways.

First off, they can help conserve mental energy. For instance, once you define a morning ritual and perform it a few times, you don’t have to think about it too much. Your brain can go on autopilot while you brush your teeth, get dressed, make your regular breakfast, and so on.

Another benefit comes about from developing useful or healthy habits. If you want to get in shape, say, then always exercising at the same time of day or on the same days of the week can help create a habit. Once the habit is created, it is easier to maintain the lifestyle you want.

Routines can also help you in your interactions with others. Your boss will like it if you regularly get to work at the same time each day. Your spouse appreciates a predictable schedule when they need to reach you or when planning out the week.

These are all ways behaving with some consistency can help you. However, even if it is beneficial, is it boring?

If the goal is to repeat the same actions and behaviors over and over, that would seem to be boring. There would likely be a corresponding decrease in spontaneity. There is a small distance between a routine and a rut.

But is that truly the case? How can you avoid boredom while maintaining consistency? Do you even care if you are boring, if you are doing what you find meaningful?

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Green Thumb Or Horticulturally Hopeless?

When it comes to growing things, do you have a green thumb? Or do you manage to kill every plant that you get?

Share why if you wish.

Green Thumb Or Horticulturally Hopeless?

How Do You Make It Possible To Do What You Love?

Even if you know what you want to do with your life, there can be many things preventing you from doing it. How do you overcome them?

There are many obstacles that can get in your way. The most obvious, of course, is that you may not know what it is that you love to do. Finding what fulfills you is one of the great projects in life.

If you are lucky enough to know what you love to do, there are still several things that may stand in your way.

For instance, you may not have the necessary skills or attributes. If you love playing basketball but are only five and a half feet tall, the most you can be is an enthusiastic amateur.

Similarly, health concerns may prevent you from doing what makes you happy. A musician might lose their hearing, say, or a writer could lose their eyesight.

Financial obstacles may get in the way as well. If you love something that requires a lot of money but you don’t have it, what then? Do you learn to live without, or find some way of doing an expansive activity on the cheap? Or maybe find an extra way to earn the necessary funds?

There may also be time restrictions, geographical limitations, too much competition, or any number of other potential problems.

When faced with such an obstacle, what do you do? Can you think of a specific instance in your life that fits this description? How did you overcome it, or did you reluctantly give up on your passion or your dream? How might you handle a future issue that could arise?

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