2 thoughts on “Have You Contacted An Elected Official?”

  1. You know, I never have. I always assume that it won’t make a difference — the elected official already has an opinion on whatever the topic is and won’t change it.

    Is that cynical of me?

  2. I am a housing justice advocate. My job is to convince legislators to support policies such as spending as much money as possible to build affordable housing or prevent homelessness. I contact legislators by phone, email, text, and direct meetings. While there are high seasons for me to do this (e.g., during a legislative session), it’s fair to say I contact legislators quite regularly.

    To counter what Lee said, I have seen many elected officials change their minds on an issue. In fact, many policy-makers are specialists on specific issues (e.g., climate change), and they often rely on their colleagues or constituents to make up their minds on issues they don’t have a thorough grasp of. It’s refreshing to know that, as a constituent, you may care about something that your elected officials know very little about. Changing their minds? You may actually help them form their opinion.

    Now, let’s say your elected officials already “have their minds made up.” If they get enough calls from constituents on an issue, and opinions run counter to their current standpoint, the elected leader may question their views as voters think otherwise.

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