Golf Or Disc Golf?

As the weather gets nicer, we all try to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Do you prefer traditional golf, or disc golf (i.e. Frisbee golf)?

Share why if you wish.

Golf Or Disc Golf?

3 thoughts on “Golf Or Disc Golf?”

  1. My hand-eye coordination fails me quite regularly. Don’t throw a ball at me. Don’t expect me to use a hammer to pound a nail in with great skill. And don’t expect much from me when it comes to golf or disc golf. I am pretty bad at both. That being said, I enjoy disc golf much more than golf.

  2. I’m sure this will be an unpopular opinion, but I’m going to choose disc golf. I’ve never played traditional golf (except mini-golf), and it seems to me the barrier to entry is too high — you need to have expensive clubs, pay course dues, join a country club, and so on.

    For disc golf, all you need is a piece of plastic (assuming there are any courses near you, which of course may not be the case).

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