6 thoughts on “What’s The Most Useful Thing You’ve Ever Learned?”

  1. Relaxation techniques…including “self-hypnosis,” first learned in a university P.E. class and then in counseling for pain management. I used the hypnosis when I gave birth, and it worked very well. I also use it when I have severe pain and need to de-stress from that.

  2. Sewing. I’m quite excited about this because it is a great opportunity to work, as well as express creativity.

    I’m extremely proud of of my son the mechanic who took the skills I taught him, and took it into his garage.
    He is now using what I taught him, and is reupholstering cars.
    I have to admit that His work looks quite professional!

  3. Nothing is more useful to me than my Christian faith. Most every day I talk and listen to God, and thank Him/Her for being with me and in me. “For nothing is impossible with God.” – Luke Chapter 1 verse 37.

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