What Advice Would You Give Your Current Self?

Instead of thinking of your past self, what advice would you give your current self? What would you say if you came to you asking for help?

Sometimes we are too close to the problems we face to consider them properly. It may help to view them from a distance, so to speak, as if you were helping someone else with their problem. Thinking of it from a different perspective might just change your entire approach.

It’s the one year anniversary of our first podcast! In it, Lee and Michael discuss the questions: ‘What beliefs do you have that might be wrong?’ and ‘What makes a place feel like home?’

With that in mind, what would you say to a friend who came to you seeking guidance for a problem that you are facing? How might you advise someone else who happens to be in your situation?

In theory, this may shed some light on what you should do — or at least, what you might think is the best way forward. It is also interesting to consider if you would follow the advice that you would give. If not, what does that say about your advice to others? And what does it say about your willingness to listen to someone else?

Related questions: What advice would you give your past self? Do you talk to yourself? What is the best advice you’ve ever received? What advice would you give your pre-lockdown self?

2 thoughts on “What Advice Would You Give Your Current Self?”

  1. “Michael, work to internalize, appreciate, and live with comfort in the maxim ‘Everything is temporary.’ Not only will this help you weather the hard times, but it will also help you treasure the good.”

  2. Don’t feel guilty about not being able to do everything you want to. Rather, be proud of all the small accomplishments, for they add up to big results.

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