What Are Your First World Problems?

What are your first world problems — that is, problems that only arise due to success or opportunity. For example, your groceries not being able to fit in your refrigerator.

They are problems, of course, although it is useful to put them into context.

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What Is The Biggest Challenge Faced By Today’s Youth?

Humans face a number of challenges. Young people, in many cases, are impacted to a greater extent than their older counterparts. What is the biggest challenge today’s youth faces?

There is no doubt that young people of today are faced with big problems.

For instance, social media has been shown to be quite harmful to the developing brain. Previous generations did not have to grow up in the social media age.

Many schools practice active shooter drills in case of a a gun-wielding attacker. Adults, in particular politicians, seem incapable of doing anything to actually make schools safer places to be.

Similarly, the economic outlook for a young person in today’s society is troubling. Soaring college costs leave them drowning in student debt, with the very real prospect of having to postpone buying a house or starting a family. Not to mention the prospect of possible failure of programs like Social Security.

The rapidly-improving Artificial Intelligence could mean major changes to jobs and the workforce. And some public figures are even sounding alarms that A.I. could pose a threat to humans as a species.

The bitterly-divided political parties would seem to be bringing about a failure in our governmental institutions. Regardless of the winner of the next presidential election, there may be widespread unrest, protests, and perhaps even violence.

On the environmental front, climate change and the resulting effects pose an existential threat. Each year is hotter than the last, with more extreme weather. Ecosystems are collapsing, with species going extinct. That’s a problem for all of us, but surely it’s a bigger problem for someone expecting to live, say, seventy five more years vs twenty five.

As a result of all these troubles, it is not surprising that such a large percentage of young people suffer from mental health issues. Today’s youth faces problems from personal to societal to existential. What do you think is their greatest challenge?

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